Toddler Inflatable Bounce Castles for Indoor/Outdoor | $100.00 Pick-up Price

Inflatable Soccer Field | $100.00 add on to any party!

Kids inflatable mini soccer field for full-field action with goals and field markings

Ideal for large backyards; dimensions 23’L x 12’W x 42″H

We could add Foam machine for extra charge to make this crazy fun.

Field Soccer

Chip Shot Inflatable Golf Game | $250.00/4 hours

This inflatable golf game rental is a great addition to any carnival or festival or a golf fanatics birthday party. It comes equipped with a golf club and balls so that you can test out your skills on the inflatable course. The goal of the game is to chip the golf balls into the rings at the back of the inflatable. See who is the best chipper!

Dimensions: 14′ L x 11′ W x 11′ H

Chip Shot Inflatable Golf Game
Chip Shot Inflatable Golf Game
Chip Shot Inflatable Golf Game

Balloon Typhoon | $300.00/4 hours

The happy clowns face on the outside of the Balloon typhoon is matched by the smiles on the children inside as they chase the swirling balloons inside. With a continuous supply of balloons, this inflatable keeps the smaller children amused for hours. Definitely one for the smaller children!

Balloon Typhoon
Balloon Typhoon

Inflatable Twister | $300.00/4 hours includes attendent

Re-live this popular game of the 60’s by twisting and turning yourself to the random spin of the wheel.

Dimensions: 15’W x 15’L x 3’H

Inflatable Twister
Inflatable Twister

Inflatable Bounce Castles for Indoor/Outdoor | $400.00 /4 hours with attendant

13′ X 13’or 15′ X 15′ for approx.

We can deliver, setup and pick-up after the party is over for $250.00 for the day

Inflatable Castle Rentals

Inflatable Bounce and Slide for Indoor/Outdoor | Your choice of Jungle Fun, Cars, Princess or Mickey Mouse

15′L X 11’W X 10’H

We can deliver, setup and pick-up after the party is over for $400.00 for the day

Square Castle Maze | $400.00/4 hours

More than 140 feet of tunnel creating a magic world of exploration and adventure. 25’x25’x5’ Ages 2 to 6

Square Castle Maze

*NEW *Jungle Adventure Maze | $450.00/4 hours

Jungle Maze Inflatable Obstacle Course
This is a crawl through maze that is tons of fun and provides entertainment for both kids and adults. There are more than 130′ of tunnels inside, and it can accommodate up to 150 kids per hour. Great investment in fun! Dimensions 30’L x 25’W x 8’H

Inflatable Manual Rodeo Bull | Contact for special pricing.

Our fantastic manual rodeo bull is great fun for adults and children alike. One person sits on the bull whilst four people tug at the bungee cords to shake and buck the bull and try to throw the rider off.
This bull always goes down a storm at any party or function and unlike a automated bull is available without an operator so you can enjoy the fun all day and at a fraction of the price of the automated version.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use the space needed for this inflatable is 20ft square area.

Contact for special pricing.

Sugar Shack bouncer | $500.00 for 4 hours with an attendant

Dimensions: 20 Feet Long x 12 Feet Wide x 14 Feet High

Inflatable Jousting Arena | $500.00/4 hours

This game is so addictive that players will be lined up to test their skills. Great for party rentals, indoor events, or team building. The Inflatable Jousting Arena is an excellent center piece for any event. This inflatable Arena is great for kids, teenagers and adults alike! Friends and family could take part in enjoying all the time at a party or event.

Inflatable Jousting Arena

The Lil’ Pirates | $500.00/4 hours including attendant

The Lil’ Pirates combo game is a hardworking inflatable that incorporates climbing, sliding, Pirates, and bouncing all in one incredible play structure. 22′ L x 14′ W x 12′ H

The Lil' Pirates

18′ Mega Slide | $600.00/4 hours including attendant

For events.

18' Mega Slide

30′ Obstacle Course | $600.00/4 hours including attendant

30ft Obstacle Course

New Bungee Run and Joust Combo | $600.00/4 hours

The Bungee Run & Joust Combo is an excellent outdoor entertainment option for both kids and adults! Challenge a competitor to the Bungee Run: strap on your bungee cord vest and run as fast as you can toward the finish line! When players lose momentum, they’re zipped back into an inflatable wall. These engaging games are sure to have your guests roaring with laughter!

Bungee Run and Joust Combo
Bungee Run and Joust Combo

Disney Cars Combo 5 in 1 | $600.00/4 hours including attendant

20′ X 19′ X 15′ High

Disney Cars Combo 5 in One

Jungle Fun Combo Slide | $600.00/4 hours including attendant

Jungle Fun Combo Slide, bounce and climb in this large Jungle themed play center. 18′ W X 15′ L X 13’H

Jungle Fun Combo Slide

Clown Mega Slide | $700.00/4 hours with attendant

Here it is ……. the centre of any inflatable carnival. The new, the giant and colourful. Mega clown slide now available.

Dimension: 21’ Tall x 30’ Long and 15’ Wide

Clown Mega Slide

The Incredible Challenge | $700.00/4 hours including attendant

The Incredible Challenge is 10′ X 32′ X 18′ High. With a full length obstacle course followed by a 16′ high slide. It’s an Incredible fun time for all ages.

The Incredible Challenge

Sticky Wall | $700.00/4 hours

Perfect for a large corporate event, or a neighborhood party, the Sticky Wall is sure to impress and give guests an experience they will never forget. Sports: Castle Velcro Wall Length = 21′ Width = 11′ Height = 13′

Sticky Wall

Wrecking Ball | $700.00/4 hours

Wrecking Ball is a brand new concept for kids and adults of all ages! It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s extreme! It’s 29″ Wide by 13″ High. It’s the Ultimate High Energy game. (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the “Wrecking Ball” and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their inflated pad. As the “Wrecking Ball” swings back, try and grab it! The player, who grabs it first, then hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion.

4 Players Wrecking Ball
4 Players Wrecking Ball

35’ Obstacle Course – 7 Elements | $700.00/4 hours including attendant

This obstacle course is 35 feet long x 12 feet wide x 7 feet high. This is a competitive inflatable that allows two people to race through the unit while tackling 7 different elements. This is a great rental piece for kids, teens, and adults.

42’ Obstacle Course | $800.00/4 hours including attendant

This obstacle course is 42 feet long x 10 feet wide x 13 feet high.

40′ Obstacle Course | $800.00/4 hours including attendant

40' Obstacle Course

Climbing Wall | $800.00/4 hours

This giant Inflatable Climbing Wall offers proper adventure and adrenaline for your private events, sports days or company events. You can challenge yourself on our 19ft high climbing wall. Length = 20′ Width = 11.5′ Height = 19′

Climbing Wall

The Jurassic Adventure Land | $800.00/4 hours

The Jurassic Adventure Land combo game is a hardworking inflatable that incorporates climbing, sliding, animals, and bouncing all in one incredible play structure. 22′ L x 18′ W x 14′ H

The Jurassic Adventure Land

70′ Obstacle Course | $900.00/4 hours including attendant

10′ W X 70′ L X 18’H

70' Mega Obstacle Course

‘Wipeout’ Ball Challenge | $1300.00/4 hours

This fun new game features a series of 4 inflatable balls which challengers must jump across to reach the other side. Then try to cross the course by jumping or running across those big red balls. Your goal is to hop across all 4 big balls to the platform on the other side. But don’t worry if you fall off, the ball pit is a super-soft jump zone cushioned by our patented Zero-Shock technology. 13′ x 13′ x 60′ Long. Will rent with 2 Attendants.

Wipeout Ball Challenge
Wipeout Ball Challenge